Fear darkness (2012)

Darkness can be felt, especially as fear. The fear of darkness is the moment when the senses cannot extract much from the world: what is available to us, what we know, is too less for us to be in control and stable. Then a sensibility for the unknown can appear, first in the form of a cold chill of fear in the body. It is not the usual fear coming from a fantasy about the future but a dark-fear that comes from a feeling of the present. It is a fear of the potential and unknown in the darkness, a fear that directly touches and affects us physically. Fear is the substance of darkness. Fear darkness amplifies a sensibility for darkness that is felt as fear, as a quiver that permeates the body, possessing it, making it unknown. It is a royal bridge to the unknown. A bridge that we will have to cross rather soon, as society as well.

It can be activated in forests at night, in the dark or even the luminous spaces of art venues, in any place with the potential for shadows.

Documentation as text – notes from inside Darkness, Fear

Presented at Fabrica de Pensule Cluj, CNDB Bucharest, Platforma Bucharest, PAF St-Erme, Theater Rampe Stuttgart, Atelier 35 Bucharest.