Process in Progress

A durational performance in which immaterial, mental processes, are “shown” in an exhibition setup, based on the behaviorist model S – [] – R (Stimulus — Black box (mind) — Reaction).

Process in Progress functions on multiple levels. On one hand it reflects on the formal aspects of communicating an artistic experience. The space and time of transmission and receiving is structured as a hybrid between visual arts and performance arts principles. The audience is invited to choose a trajectory in the space, to situate themselves, answering to a curatorial designed structure of the space. And simultaneously to participate in the different situations that are taking place in the space, demanding a type of relation specific to a processual, presence based art. This mixed situation is the result of parallel debates in the visual arts and performance arts of the lasts decades. The constant narcissistic questioning of all the implications of an artistic act made the display, and performance in general, extend their spheres of action from their own conceptual content and their own formal aspect to the assistance of audiences on a trajectory of reception. The importance of space and the way it is emphasized has increased. On the other hand, the three situations proposed by the project are exploring different anatomies of the processes of creation and reception of artistic acts. Multiple dimensions are considered – from psychological and embodiment based aspects to the objective, physical conditions. Cosmin Costinas. 

Performers: Iuliana Stoianescu, Mihaela Dancs, Florin Flueras.