Undreaming (2015-)


Live guided sessions, and alternative audio guide - Undreaming the exhibition.
Through suggestions and simple body practices, Undreaming walks half asleep through aesthetic perceptions on its surroundings. What we see becomes visual art, what we hear becomes sound art, our speculative experience of reality becomes conceptual art, what we feel becomes affect art, what we do becomes performance. Undreaming takes place directly in the sensible. It is about the process of perception rather than the objects of perception. Art perspectives are embodied, together with a suspicion of the nature of reality. More than being about an aspect of reality, Undreaming is about the capacity of entering and exiting realities by activating different aesthetic sensibilities. If, as in many cultures, dreaming is what makes a world appear (the simulational capacity of consciousness in the West), Undreaming can be what makes a reality dissipate into another, through the process of waking up, maybe in a performance, maybe repeatedly.

Presented at CNDB Bucharest, Akademie Schloss Solitude Stuttgart, Het Bos Antwerpen, Atelier 35 Bucharest, Alta Studio Prague. 
Made in Artworlds (2015)