Artlife is a "method" and "philosophy" in the making. It borrows from somatic, spiritual methods and aesthetics, but it is mostly based on previous artworks of mine. It is a way to recontextualize and present those artworks in a "method"/"technique" format. The outcome will be an Artlife stand/exhibition – a mixture between an installation, a performance and a promotional fair stand of a spiritual/somatic method. Artlife representatives/performers attend the stand, provide information, and work with interested visitors/clients. Artlife sessions will activate from time to time Artlife practices in the space and in the bodies of the visitors. Artlife sessions are ambiguous events – performances, workshops, therapies but also educative and promotional contexts for Artlife method. People can choose their degree of participation on the interval Artlife client – spectator. The sessions mostly reframe and resignify what the people are already doing. They have aesthetic influences from spiritual sessions, somatic approaches, experiential therapies, self-help, dance and performance workshops… Artlife is ambiguous, an artwork and a real new method at the same time. It experiments with the ways of doing and presenting art – the works instead of just being exhibited are integrated and camouflaged in a method.

New forms of thinking, perception, sensibility and living are emerging in art and slowly are permeating society. Artlife wants to make explicit this process and accelerate it, or even to make the new forms to emerge simultaneously in both spheres. Artlife employs an idealized image of contemporary art as a dynamic, novelty oriented domain that can continuously reshape and redefine itself to swallow and integrate what seems to be outside its reach. Artlife explores possible extensions of contemporary art on life itself. Often the therapeutic/transformative functions of art are minimized and avoided because of perception that they diminish an artwork, or even expel it from the art field. Linda Montano, Teaching Hsieh, Lygia Clark, Hu Xiangqian, Jan Ader, Lee Lozano were some of the artists that mixed art and life. They went from life to art, wanting to transform their lives or parts of their lives into art. Artlife is exploring the opposite, is going from art to life – art becomes life.

Our subjectivities are shaping the current grim realities, so to affect the ways of producing the contemporary subjectivities, the current forms of life, can be an important political and ecological intervention. Technologies of the self, forms of life experiments, were the domain of religion and spirituality, very much based on tradition, discipline, fixed dogmas and rigid practices. Artlife experiments with affecting and forming life mainly through artistic and performance procedures and it is oriented towards novelty and unknown. Nietzsche saw the potential in approaching life through art but he noticed that sadly, the artists are not applying their craft to it. Artlife wants to surpass this limitation. Artlife transfers to life art instruments, structures, processes, practices, aesthetics, exploratory attitudes and it develops tools for seeing life and reality as art. Artlife is an artwork that is activated in the bodies of visitors/clients/students. Art shouldn't be just seen, it should be lived.