Collapse Yoga

Notice the elements that are maintaining your posture (yoga) and the elements that want to collapse it (collapse). Sense and amplify them, if you feel like.

Collapse Yoga amplifies a contradiction that is already in our bodies, minds and cultures. The automatic maintenance, correction and improvement of our postures and movements, thoughts and feelings, are like an implicit yoga that happens in our bodies and minds. This is often accompanied by unexpressed collapse elements like weakness, sadness, illness, hopelessness, renouncement, exhaustion, decrepitude, failure and their traces in the bodies. By overlapping and amplifying these two incompatible comportamental zones, Collapse Yoga can be a more inclusive yoga and a more mindful collapse. Collapse Yoga works with what is already there, with the ready-made situation of people in an art space. The work is done by visitors and performers in different degrees at different times. Collapse Yoga is occasionally guided.