Photo Larisa Crunțeanu

Poster on the wall:
"Sometimes someone will behave atypically for an event in this space, this may be Unexperiences."

From the posture of visitors, performers shift their attitudes and moods, embodying and slightly distorting suspicion, awe, confusion, pensiveness, sadness, boredom, joy, alienation, satisfaction, dissatisfaction, hypersensitivity and other possible states in which art visitors can be. Sometimes the reactions seem to be related to the space, to other visitors, to the works, or to shared expectations and conventions. Unexperiences affects the experience of having an experience – affecting the ways of encountering the work becomes the work. The work is done by visitors and performers in different degrees at different times. The visitors can become suspicious about who is performing but also the subjects of others' suspicion, becoming performers. A meta layer, that includes the visitors’ own roles in the art experiences, is added to the event.

Unexperiences can appear uninvited at some venues – Unofficial Unworks.

Shown at Station Service Belgrade, Alta Studio Prague, Fabrica de Pensule Cluj, ICR gallery Berlin, FAP Sao Paulo, Projects Salon Bucharest.  
With the support of Station Belgrade.