Collapse Yoga

Next Collapse Yoga session - May 21, 18h, in the space between Military Center and Control Club Bucharest.
In the frame of One World Romania.
Guided by Eliza Trefas.
Photo Alina Popa

Collapse Yoga mixes Yoga with possible "negative" states as sadness, illness, anxiety, hopelessness, worry, renouncement, exhaustion, grief, boredom, decrepitude, failure and their traces in the body. It collides Yoga's aims for coordination, balance, strength, flexibility with the body's deep desires for asymmetry, incoordination, weakness, relaxation, unbalance, abandon, collapse, freedom. It affects the normativity of the human form. Collapse Yoga is sometimes practiced next to intimidating buildings, monuments, in charged public spaces associated with cultural stiffness, harmful ethics or bad politics. It can tune our bodies with natural, cultural and personal collapsing environments, affecting maybe some of them. There is a correspondence and influence between the body's politics and society's problems.

Notice all the silent work in your body for maintaining posture, appearance, composure. Collapse Yoga starts with relaxing those efforts.

Photos Vlad Brateanu in the frame of Clinica,

Photos in the frame of Unearthings, Atelier 35