Collapse Yoga

Notice the elements that want to collapse your posture right now. Sense and amplify them, if you feel like.

Our bodies are constantly and automatically doing a maintenance, correction and improvement of our postures and movements. This implicit yoga corrects or hides elements like weakness, sadness, illness, hopelessness, renouncement, exhaustion, decrepitude, grief, failure and their traces in the bodies. Collapse Yoga encourages the visitors to feel these unexpressed elements, and even to let them appear in the body. It removes the disciplinary side of Yoga, and it surfaces the deep desires of the body for asymmetry, uncoordination, weakness, unbalance, abandon, collapse. The behavioral and body autodiscipline, usually amplified in art spaces, is directly and indirectly affected by Collapse Yoga.

The work is done by visitors and performers in different degrees at different times. Collapse Yoga is occasionally guided.