Unofficial Unworks

Unofficial Unworks are Unexperiences, Unimages, Unhere appearing uninvited in art venues and other public spaces, enacted by visitor-performers, affecting some of their implicit conventions and expectations. As visitors we usually conform, performing our roles, consuming quietly what is in front of our eyes. As artists we mostly follow artworld's implicit codes, protocols, structures of validation, hoping to be seen, invited, appreciated. As people we conform to prevailing perspectives and certainties. Artists can and should sometimes deviate from these dynamics. And visitors too.

Unofficial Unworks at Berlin Biennale (2022)
Performers Eliza Trefas, Martina Piazzi, Florin Flueras. 

Unofficial Unworks at Berardo Museum Lisbon (2019)
Performers Eliza Trefas, Florin Flueras.

Unofficial Unworks at Supermarket (2019-2021)

Unofficial Unworks at Airport (2022)
Performers Eliza Trefas, Florin Flueras.