(work in progress)

"Love" explores practices for embodying love – hypersensitivity, ecstatic affects, overwhelming feelings, subtle affective connections with things around… The sensitized love bodies are inserted in "inappropriate" contexts where something else is already happening – from art spaces to supermarkets and anything in between – adding an extra layer to their ordinary function. Audience mingles with people who are unaware of the performance. Meetings are produced between two types of audiences, attentions, situations, performers, two degrees of performing and experiencing. Because affects are contagious, the atmosphere can get love charged. Temporary zones of possibility might open. Artworks are usually visual, sound or conceptual. Love is affect based.

Spiritual traditions talk about a fear and control vs love dynamic – we always have the choice between the two sides and everything is decided by that. It might be a simplistic view, but it is surprisingly actual now, when our lives and politics are so much fear and control based. Although "fear" is somehow twisted to mean "love". The twist is possible because "love" is exhausted and perverted, it can mean anything, from sex to empty corporate "care" slogans. What is disappearing from "love" is the actual body experience of it. From everyday actions, to contemporary dance and performance, the default perspective is of a body as instrument, as tool. We control and put our bodies to do things, to work, to create images, to express ideas, we discipline and choreograph them, and this pattern extends to nature and entire reality. Love dissolves control by activating the other way, from the affect body to the mind. From body as matter, image and representation to body as affect, as "love body". 


Love, notes from inside - documentation as text


Thanks Eliza Trefas and Martina Piazzi.