Love Body (Second Body) (2012-)


Love Body (Second Body) is based on a practice of adding an affective sensibility to everyday behaviors, a second attention that might make one drift out of the anatomic body towards a love body. Love body is not so much about the affect that comes from the body, but it is more about the body that comes from affect. The affect is producing and moving the body. The affective layer is primordial – the body is love. Love body might be similar to certain non-western ones – bodies as bundles of affects and capacities, that organize perspectives, worlds around them – bodies that through special practices affect reality. We don't know what a love body can do. Affective metamorphosis of the body can get you into other worlds.


More on Love Body from Unsorcery Story:

"The First Unsorcery concept was Second Body, called Love Body later. One day in 2007, while mopping the floor I felt that by deviating from the usual presence, just by a shift in attention and intention, the ordinary activity radically transformed, as well as the body and reality. I entered a special awareness and sensibility state. I was amazed that states and presences that usually are achieved through somatic or performing practices are accessible just by adding an affective sensibility to everyday behaviors, a different attention. Instead of changing ourselves and developing new practices, we can add another, a second attention to what we already do.  

Our default attention creates a body as image, as instrument, and the attitude of control and instrumentalization of the body extends to nature and entire reality. Our bodies are impregnated with a biological conception, there is a scientific knowledge that we put automatically into bodies and objects. We just know that they are made of molecules and atoms not of affects, spirits, or something similar, we actually perfectly know what a body can do and what a body is. 

The 60s effort of setting free this tool-body was not enough, it ended in emptiness, and depressive, dissatisfying hedonism. The idea of liberating the body fell short. It’s not enough to "free the body", you need to reconstruct the body and that’s a different kind of work.  In 2012, inspired by the body of the ‘internal night’ of Artaud, "the body without organs" of Deleuze, the body as a bundle of affects and capacities of Amazonians, the "dreaming body" of other cultures, I wanted to create a "second body" around a second, affective attention. A body not centered on images but on a special body sensibility that might pull us out of the anatomic body, affecting what is possible to see, think and do – a Second Body as affect, as medium, as a portal towards the unknown.  In June 2012 Alina joined me for an Unsorcery residency and presentation at Teatrul Spălătorie, Chișinău. And since then we have worked together in Unsorcery. We immersed ourselves in Second Body practice and conceptual work around it and we each wrote a text based on it. In her words, Second Body and Unsorcery are "a quest for a body that is not free as in the 1960s, not only deconstructed as in the seminal choreographic work of the 1990s, not only made into a provider of liveness and memory for the visitor to a contemporary art museum in the blooming experience economy of the 2000s."

Love Body powers Love.

Documentation as text - notes from inside