Photos by Alexandru Dan and Alina Popa

From the posture of a visitor to an art exhibition, a performer shifts, from time to time, the attitudes and states about what's happening. Sometimes the reactions seem to be related to the space, sometimes to the visitors, sometimes to shared expectations and conventions… The atypical reactions and the alterations of the typical ones affects the formalized situation of the art event. Unexperiences works with the automatisms of having an experience – the implicit attitudes and emotions associated with a situation, in this case, of an audience seeing art. More than presenting something to the esthetic sensibilities of the visitors, Unexperiences is interested in how affecting those sensibilities becomes the work. Unexperiences has one announced part, one unannounced and one in which the visitors are doing the work.

Made in Black Hyperbox, Artworlds.
Shown at Station Service Belgrade, Alta Studio Prague, Fabrica de Pensule Cluj, ICR gallery Berlin, FAP Sao Paulo.  
With the support of Station Belgrade.