In Unhere, performers activate states and affects corresponding to other realities than the situations in which they are (of visitors, clients, tourists, spectators…). Deviating from basic adjustments, they seem out of touch with reality, out of place, unhere. An extra layer is added to the ordinary function of the respective spaces, producing meetings between two types of audiences, attentions, situations, performers, experiences. Unhere behaviors, states, affects are from the edges or even from outside what is apparently available "here and now". It is a practice and habit of exiting, of seeing and making exits where there aren't. Because we simulate the bodies that we encounter, Unhere can be contagious. In general we conform to environments, we want to be adjusted to "here and now", to behave adequately, even in art, and usually that's fine. But sometimes is good to undo the automated submissions, to open up or transcend situations, to go Unhere.

In some venues Unhere can appear uninvited at some venues – Unofficial Unworks.

Unhere part of Unofficial Unworks at Berlin Biennale (2022)


Unhere part of Unofficial Unworks at Berardo Museum Lisbon (2019)

Unhere at Technofields Cuca (2019)

Unhere at supermarket

Unhere at Art Opening Lisbon

Documentation as text – notes from inside Unhere