Art Opening at the supermarket


Art Opening proposes to meet in one of the last places where it is still possible without discrimination – at the supermarket (no passes yet). You're invited to bring works (any medium), practices, ideas, processes, and most importantly, yourselves. Depending on participants' desires, the event can go towards exhibition, performance, workshop, discussion, intervention, or, more likely, a mix of them. The opening can be also in terms of contents and aesthetics, now, when artists are indirectly top down guided towards pre-established issues, and their compliance is professionally rewarded.

As measures, mandates and restrictions infiltrate every aspect of our lives, they are more and more influencing what kind of art is possible, by whom, for whom, how it should be presented, and how we can be together. Live, embodied art is discouraged, it's difficult to meet and create art events, with their spontaneous open communities around them. We're in times of art closure.

One of art's functions is to question the normal and to explore alternatives, to deviate from shared conventions, regulations, measures, restrictions, mandates and protocols. In a time when bodies are seen as sources of infection and disease, and we're preferred as online disembodied presences, turned against each other, Art Opening is a reminder that bodies are also sources of affects, intuitions, sensibility, creativity, joy, playfulness, connection, love, presence, without which, there is no 'life' to be saved.

*You can disagree, and still be very welcomed to the Art Opening. Against the current atmosphere, Art Opening embraces the plurality of views.
With (until now) Atoma, Traian Cherecheș, Silvia Costin, Evie Cousins, Cătălin Diaconu, Mihai Dragomir, Bogdan Drăgănescu, Denisa Duran, Florin Flueras, Smaranda Gabudeanu, Adriana Gheorghe, Cătălina Gubandru, Vasile Leac, Cătălin Munteanu, Virginia Negru, Răzvan Pascu, Bogdan Teodorescu, Eliza Trefas.
At you can add your name to the list of artists. Otherwise you can just pop up with your proposal at Art Opening.

At Mega Image Eva (Romană), Oct 17, 17-18h.