Art Opening 1 (Izvor park)


You're invited to bring works (any medium), practices, ideas, processes, and most importantly, yourselves. Art Opening appears uninvited in art and non-art spaces, adding an extra layer to their ordinary function. Meetings are produced between two types of audiences, attentions, situations, performers – two degrees of performing and experiencing. Depending on the participants' desires, the event might go towards exhibition, performance, workshop, discussion, intervention, or, more likely, a mix of them. 

As measures, mandates and restrictions infiltrate every aspect of our lives they are more and more influencing what kind of art is possible, how it should be presented, how we should be together. It's difficult to meet and create art events, with their spontaneous communities around them, and, in the best cases, artists are paid to not do (live / embodied) art anymore. Artists are professionally rewarded for compliance with pre-established perspectives, for interiorizing institutional mindsets and unquestionable "correct stances". We're in times of art closures, when everyone seems to agree, including some of the art institutions and artists, that art is "non essential". Art Opening is a space-time for art related meetings, a move towards embodied social closeness. It aims for temporary zones of possibility, for art openings at the levels of formats, contents and aesthetics.

One of art's aims is to question the normal and to explore alternatives, to deviate from shared conventions, regulations, measures, restrictions, mandates and protocols. In a time when bodies are seen as sources of infection and disease, and we're preferred as online disembodied presences, Art Opening is a reminder that bodies are also sources of affects, intuitions, sensibility, creativity, joy, playfulness, connection, love, presence, without which, there is no 'life' to be saved.

*You can disagree with this text and still be very welcomed to the Art Opening. Against the current atmosphere, Art Opening embraces the possibility of multiple perspectives, as all of the artworld, and the world should do.

With: Roxana Ardeleanu, Flavia Bălan, Silvia Costin, Andreea David, Bogdan Drăgănescu, Giles Eldridge, Florin Flueras, Adriana Gheorghe, Cătălina Gubandru, Virginia Negru, Luca Popa, Bogdan Sibi, Alina Tofan, Eliza Trefas, Alex Vrajitoriu...

June 3, 17-21h, Parc Izvor Bucharest.

📷 Eliza Trefas, Cătălina Gubandru, Bogdan Sibi, Florin Flueras.