Art Opening Izvor


You're invited to bring works (any medium), practices, ideas, processes, and most importantly, yourselves. Art Opening appears uninvited in art and non-art spaces, adding an extra layer to their ordinary function. Meetings are produced between two types of audiences, attentions, situations, performers – two degrees of performing and experiencing. Depending on the participants' desires, the event might go towards exhibition, performance, workshop, discussion, intervention, or, more likely, a mix of them. 

As measures, mandates and restrictions infiltrate every aspect of our lives they are more and more influencing what kind of art is possible, how it should be presented, how we should be together. It's difficult to meet and create art events, with their spontaneous communities around them, and, in the best cases, artists are paid to not do (live / embodied) art anymore. Artists are professionally rewarded for compliance with pre-established perspectives, for interiorizing institutional mindsets and unquestionable "correct stances". We're in times of art closures, when everyone seems to agree, including some of the art institutions and artists, that art is "non essential". Art Opening is a space-time for art related meetings, a move towards embodied social closeness. It aims for temporary zones of possibility, for art openings at the levels of formats, contents and aesthetics.

One of art's aims is to question the normal and to explore alternatives, to deviate from shared conventions, regulations, measures, restrictions, mandates and protocols. In a time when bodies are seen as sources of infection and disease, and we're preferred as online disembodied presences, Art Opening is a reminder that bodies are also sources of affects, intuitions, sensibility, creativity, joy, playfulness, connection, love, presence, without which, there is no 'life' to be saved.

*You can disagree with this text and still be very welcomed to the Art Opening. Against the current atmosphere, Art Opening embraces the possibility of multiple perspectives, as all of the artworld, and the world should do.

With: Roxana Ardeleanu, Flavia Bălan, Silvia Costin, Andreea David, Bogdan Drăgănescu, Giles Eldridge, Florin Flueras, Adriana Gheorghe, Cătălina Gubandru, Virginia Negru, Luca Popa, Bogdan Sibi, Alina Tofan, Eliza Trefas, Alex Vrajitoriu...

June 3, 17-21h, Parc Izvor Bucharest.

Cătălina Gubandru, 5 minutes of sadness
Connected in sadness
just no reason for doing it
Collective Weeping / sadness (with no reason at all) sadness. crying.
from time to time I just need to cry. just for limping the eyes, soul, and thoughts.
Sadness brings you back to your body. I can not tell you how sad I am. find one thing, thought emotion. try to make quiet within. send yourself into the ground. empty yourself. now start quietly to weep and/or cry. you don't have to have a particular reason. Crying is just good from time to time, like a reset.
observe your body while doing this.
inspired by the photo of the event, Jan Bas Ader, the concept of Art Opening, some animals, my own disposition sometimes. It is true that usually you cry when you are alone, in intimacy. the act of just crying without any particular reason, and no mourning a certain event or whatever. Collective sadness.
when the alarm will ring, stop crying or/and being sad and have a sip of water or beer or whatever

Florin Flueras, Love (work in progress)
"Love" explores practices for embodying love – extrasensitive approaches to mundane things, ecstatic affects, overwhelming feelings, subtle affective connections with things around… The sensitized love bodies are inserted in "inappropriate" contexts – from art spaces to supermarkets and anything in between. They start from and often return to the position of visitors from which they deviate towards Love. The visitors / performers / artwork overlappings give Love a vague, ambiguous quality. Bodies automatically simulate other bodies, affects are contagious, the atmosphere can get love charged. Artworks are usually visual, sound or conceptual. Love is affect based.
Many religious, spiritual and new age theories are saying that we always have the choice to act based on fear or love and everything is decided by a fear - love dynamic. It might be a simplistic view, but it is surprisingly actual now, when our lives and politics are so much fear based. Although "fear" is somehow twisted to mean "love". The twist is possible because "love" is exhausted and perverted, it can mean anything, from sex to empty "corporate care" slogans. What is disappearing from "love" is the actual body experience of it. 
Performers Eliza Trefas and Florin Flueras.

Bogdan Drăgănescu, State
Precreative / postcreative / natural / of gratitude / of recognition/contrasted/consecrated. And movement: (pre)determined / provided / preconceived / premeditated / supernatural / consecrated. Maybe one of the biggest diseases or problems of our times (maybe of all time) is our unrestrained preoccupation or impulse to do, to work, to change something, the things, to modify, to struggle, to push our way, to do our way, to direct our way, to progress. But progress is often, if not always, only in the wrong direction. You are the change, I am the change, we are the change, everybody is the change... But we are all now bodies on the brink of extinction. When did you last time sit and do nothing? Just look around you and be with what you see, without judging, without expecting anything, without doing, just being what we are supposed to be. To be in love with everybody and everything. In these times we are supposed to be separated, to keep distance, but to keep working, to be productive, to keep the economy and to keep making money and stuff. How about reversing all this: to be together, to gather, and do nothing. To be. Just as before the world existed and lost its way in wanting to be more, to want more. And then w3 move just as we know and want, with the knowledge that all our movements, no matter how (strange) or what (stranger) we decide to move, were known, wanted and allowed by God, our creator and first mover, at the beginning of time, for His and, maybe, our glory.

Alina Tofan, Corpul piatră
Corpul piatră este un experiment performativ participativ în care, folosind vocea vom emite sunete pe propriul corp și pe ale celorlalți urmărind dimensiunea sonoră a acestora, în raport cu propriile limite, dar și cu cele ale spațiului și ale timpului. Sunetul nu va fi folosit cu scopul de a opține performanțe la nivel vocal/sonor, ci, mai degrabă, cu rol terapeutic, vindecător, în deblocarea vocii proprii și a celorlalți. Explorarea propusă face parte dintr-un lucru descoperit în cadrul laboratorului susținut de către coregraful Cosmin Manolescu.

Andreea David, Abandon gravitational si inadecvare
Ne vom abandona in forta gravitationala ca singura realitate ce ne tine cu picioarele pe pamant iar apoi vom incorpora sentimentul inadecvarii, o stare de spirit perpetua ce ne nelinisteste fiecare comportament si ne urmareste in tot ce simtim fata de lume.
In Art Opening e ok sa fim si cu picioarele pe pamant si sa ne comportam inadecvat.

📷 Eliza Trefas, Cătălina Gubandru, Bogdan Sibi, Florin Flueras.