Art Opening 6 (at home)

Art Opening #6 takes place at home. You're invited to bring works (any medium), practices or just yourselves. The event might go towards exhibition, performance, workshop, discussion, or more likely, a mix of them. Art Opening aims for temporary zones of possibility, for art openings at the levels of formats, contents and aesthetics.  

Here, in the Eastern Europe the institutionalized art was so ideologically dogmatic that certain artists preferred to completely avoid it and present their work in their own homes. We might not be there again, yet in non-commercial, public financed art contexts there is increasingly less space to ask questions, explore or create – you need to conform to pre-established themes and perspectives and interiorize bureaucratic mindsets more and more. This, together with the entire administrative bureaucracy around a project, can easily exhaust your artistic drive. The given alternative would be to embrace a commercial mindset, to do sellable objects, images, spectacle – to follow and interiorize art trends, trying to catch some art world waves. This may be an equally effective way to kill your passion. Even speaking of artistic drive, desire or passion might sound off or outdated, because a dry professionalization seems to be the implicit normality. In this atmosphere, home presenting art might be a timely art opening for some of us.

Artists: Adriana Gheorghe, Alina Popa, Andreea David, Cătălina Gubandru, Cătălin Diaconu, Corina Mitrovici, Cosmina Moroșan & Anticorp Solar, Edoardo Sansonne, Eliza Trefas, Florin Flueras, Giles Eldridge, Horațiu Lipot, Iulia Mărăcine & Smaranda Găbudeanu, Martina Piazzi, Sibi Teodorescu, Silvia Costin.

Saturday, October 15, Dr Lister 55

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