Art Opening 7 (Group Therapy)

As usual at Art Opening, you're invited to bring works (any medium), practices or just yourselves. And as usual, the event might go towards exhibition, performance, workshop, discussion, but this time maybe also towards a more or less explicit group therapy. Art Opening aims for temporary zones of possibility, for art openings at the levels of formats, contents, functions and aesthetics.

As artists, we might be disappointed with artworld's trends and environments. We might suffer from lack of invitations. Maybe we feel unrecognised, unseen. Or maybe we're "successful" and yet we feel that the institutional machine kills us inside. Maybe we lost our trust in what we do. Maybe we cannot anymore stand the drain of applications, of bureaucracy. Maybe we're burned out. Maybe we're stuck. Maybe we lost our passion. Maybe we ask ourselves what's the point? Or maybe we are thriving and can inspire others. As public maybe we lost interest in art, we might see it as too removed from our embodied experience and too much ideology and spectacle. Or maybe we love it and want to stay close. And probably we all have or can think of some practices, tools, tricks, thoughts, perspectives, artworks that can help a bit with the ills of our (art)worlds.

Artists: Cătălina Gubandru, Giles Eldridge, Alina Popa, Ana-Maria Pop, Eliza Trefas, Adriana Gheorghe, Sibi Teodorescu, Cosmina Moroșan & Anticorp Solar, Virginia Negru, Kira Valentina, Smaranda Gabudeanu, Denisa Duran, Florin Flueras.

At you can add your name to the list of artists. Or you can just pop up, with or without a proposal, at Art Opening.

March 11, 16h @ Artworlds Bucharest.